Blockchains in Real Estate – Part 2


This is the second paper of a two-part series on blockchains. Unlike the first paper which focused on technical aspects, this paper looks at applications used in the real industry and how they might use blockchains. Many other industries are looking seriously at blockchain technology, and so should our industry.

Here’s a brief example, explored further in this paper: Event management solutions that employ blockchain preserve everything that happens to a real estate listing, not just changes in the data provided by the MLS. Selling techniques can be analyzed, case studies can be documented for training purposes, and even marketing plans can be developed for similar properties. Using blockchains for event management is like having a digital notebook.

Read on to learn more about blockchains and the benefits of using them in real estate.

UPDATE: The white paper has been updated with errata

  1. Commendable effort to inform your readers, I read it as Bitcoin and Ether is kind of a hobby interest for me. Readers may want to see this Twitter conversation between some blockchain nerds regarding this whitepaper, and take a few sentences on page 9 with a grain of salt:

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    We have been contact with members of the blockchain community and look forward to continuing this conversation.