Tech Trends for 2017, Google WiFi Reviews, Goodbye Pebble, Detroit’s “Agrihood,” & More Disappearing Headphone Jacks


This week, in Five for Wednesday:

  1. If even just a few of these predictions for 2017 are accurate, next year will be pretty exciting, tech-wise.
  2. Google WiFi (which uses multiple routers to create a mesh network for your home or business’s WiFI) is getting great reviews. Here are two, from The Verge and CNET.
  3. While Apple and Google were twiddling their thumbs, Pebble was releasing the first significant smart watch. Yet as of today, Pebble is no more, having sold its intellectual property to FitBit.
  4. Think urban gardens just feed people? Check out this one in Detroit, which “has helped sustain the neighborhood, (and has) attracted new residents and area investment.”
  5. Rumor has it Samsung is following Apple’s lead and is getting rid of the headphone jack in the forthcoming Galaxy 8. You might want to throw some bluetooth headphones onto your holiday wish list.

Joseph Sullivan

Joe Sullivan is a User Experience Designer for the Center for REALTOR® Technology.

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