Energy Vampires, Self-Driving Ubers, Delivery Drones, and More in Five for Wednesday


In this week’s Five for Wednesday:

  1. You’ve probably heard of vampire draw — the phenomenon wherein your switched-off appliances consume energy, costing you money — but did you know smart outlets and smart power strips can help you save some dough? Here’s how.
  2. If you’re in San Francisco and ask Uber to give you a lift, don’t be shocked if no one’s at the wheel. Driverless Ubers are in the wild.
  3. The first Amazon Prime Air delivery happened on Dec 7. Did Amazon record it? Of course they did.
  4. Google WiFi is sold out everywhere (boo!), but it’s not the only new WiFi extender or mesh network solution out there. Mashable quite likes Plume.
  5. Just last week CRT Labs’s very own Adrienne Ciskey wrote a persuasive post about voice control and the future of the Internet of Things. And look: she’s not alone! Recode weighs in similarly.

Joseph Sullivan

Joe Sullivan is a User Experience Designer for the Center for REALTOR® Technology.

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