Here Comes the Echo Show; How Many Self-Driving Cars Does It Take to Improve Traffic? More in Five for Wednesday

The new Alexa Show

  1. The Echo Show — the long-rumored marriage of a touch/video screen and Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa — has been officially announced. It ships June 28; learn more at Amazon’s official Show site.
  2. If you’re skeptical of self-driving cars, consider this: research suggests it takes very few of them to drastically improve traffic flow (and make up for human driving goofiness).
  3. Wow, if this works, think about how cool this will be: Microsoft’s Presentation Translator can provide real-time translations of PowerPoint presentations. The world just got a little bit smaller.
  4. New York City’s got a plan to fight climate change with architecture.
  5. Someday soon you may be able to buy life insurance in 10 minutes, and without a physical exam. How? The answer’s a little creepy.

Joseph Sullivan

Joe Sullivan is a User Experience Designer for the Center for REALTOR® Technology.

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