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Startup Pavillion NAR Annual 2010

“Start Up Pavilion will provide an area for new products & services from today’s small companies who hope to be tomorrow’s industry leaders. This area of the exhibition offers companies who have not participated in past NAR Conference &...
August 9, 2010

How Technology Affects You!

Quick fun video created at NAR Annual San Diego about technology and its role on the member. Video: Technology in the hands of members....
July 14, 2010


Lots of great projects are in the works here at CRT these days. Some so amazing, they still don’t have names! Today however, I would like to announce the official release (we had a soft launch at the last...
May 27, 2010

File Cabinet in the Cloud

(reposted from CRT newletter) The “cloud”: everyone has been talking about it lately. The simple truth is that the Cloud is as old as the Internet. In fact, it is the Internet. It started with the kinds of services...
May 20, 2010

OMG OMG … Androids are Invading!!

You have been working too hard if you haven’t seen the commercials for the Motorola Droid phones and that ‘Droid Does’. Well, without getting into too much technicalities, there aren’t many mobile applications out there that use RETS to...
April 1, 2010

RESO Meeting Spring 2010

Last week was the first 2010 RESO meeting, with the new Executive Director Travis Wright. As always, the RESO meetings are filled with a lot of standards talk and conversation of the direction for the organization. Some of it...
March 30, 2010

Website Du Jour

Let me just throw this out upfront — do you use your website’s property search to find properties for your clients? I’d bet that you probably don’t, and you prefer the MLS search. Given that preference, why put so...
March 19, 2010

The Informed Internet Consumer

Join Zillow’s COO, Spencer Rascoff, in understanding how the Informed Internet Consumer is always changing, and explore best practices to working with them. Download SlideShow View...
November 20, 2009

Real Estate Road Warrior

Watch Shannon Williams-King discuss tools and tactics to make your mobile office, more mobile and more productive Download SlideShow View...
November 19, 2009

Twitter Lists

I like the Twitter List Widget – EOM new TWTR.Widget({ version: 2, type: ‘list’, rpp: 30, interval: 6000, title: ‘NAR on Twitter’, subject: ”, width: 250, height: 300, theme: { shell: { background: ‘#ff96e7’, color: ‘#ffffff’ }, tweets: {...
November 19, 2009