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CRT Technology Survey for 2013-2014

Every year, CRT produces a survey that provides a snapshot of technology usage for our membership. The audience for this survey our primarily our members, but also our associations, MLSs & vendors interested in REALTORS® and their use of...
June 24, 2014

Slingshot for Your Screen-Sharing Needs

Squirrels is a company that’s already proven itself with some pretty amazing apps. They are the minds behind Reflector, an app that lets you broadcast your iOS device screen to your laptop for presentations and demos. I’ve been using...
May 5, 2014

Five for Wednesday

In this Five for Wednesday, we’ll look at a phone with built in solar charging features and apps that are better than Siri for helping you get what you want. But first, let’s start with an app for managing...
April 16, 2014