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Re-ConnectEd RePost – Learning to Live with Technology

Tara Christianson is the Technology and Training Director at Century 21 Redwoods Realty. In this role, Tara thinks about how technology can be used to benefit their agents and provides resources for them to succeed with the technology. Tara...
February 10, 2014

Office 2007 Compatible?

My primary desktop is Linux, so I’m an OpenOffice user. At home, I run NeoOffice on the Mac. You can just imaging that special feeling I had when I started seeing e-mail attachments with file extensions like .docx, .pptx...
May 4, 2008

Online Advertising vNext.0hhhhh!

The talk of the blogoshpere today is Google Gadget Ads. Google has been quietly rolling out a new advertising platform for the last few months. They are taking their gadgets and adwords and mashing them together. What you get...
September 19, 2007

Deep Links – May 25, 2007

Ian’s Deep Link’n Pcworld offers a list of what they consider the best tech products of 2007,131935-page,13/article.html GPS tracker for your pets with alarm if your pet leaves a predefined area Serious data storage Interface solution-...
May 25, 2007

Deep Links May-17-2007

Keith’s Deep Link’n Plotr is a lightweight charting framework that allows you to create bar, line, and pie charts using just a few lines of JavaScript code inside plain HTML files. CSharp syntax and formatting mode for...
May 17, 2007

Your Maps are My Maps Too

Last Saturday, Chad Curry from NAR Government Affairs and his wife, Julia, organized and hosted an art exhibit to raise funds and awareness for the conflict in the Sudan. They enlisted local Chicago neighborhood businesses to help sponsor and...
May 1, 2007

Images From The Index

A while back, I made a little Gadget to deliver a rotating image from the Google Image Index. It is semi-popular, usually from those that just need a little distraction while couped up in cubicle world....
April 13, 2007

Momma Said Knock You Out

Microsoft’s new operating system in close to 5 years has finally arrived! If you felt a tiny bit of sarcasm in there, you probably aren’t that far off. Vista, or as those in the know called it ‘Longhorn’, hit...
January 31, 2007

Peripheral Marketing

A recent conversation about online marketing with Mark stirred up a continuing discussion that I had in a previous life while at Prudential – Chicago. This same topic also got thrown around during one of the breakout sessions at...
January 25, 2007

Escape From The Snow Globe

One's perspective is vastly different looking into a snow globe as opposed to if we were living in the globe looking out. Unfortuntely, in the realm of CRT, we are often found looking into the snow globe and seeing...
October 17, 2006