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Shipping Container Houses…Brought to You by GM?

On Jalopnik today, there’s news of GM helping build shipping container houses in Detroit. From the story: GM is helping to build Detroit’s first homestead made of recycled materials, which will be occupied by a college student studying urban...
April 30, 2014

Green Roofing Breathes Easier

This concrete roofing tile includes an embedded catalyst in the upper portion of the roof tile that acts like the catalytic converter on your car. The catalyst speeds up oxidation in the presence of sunlight, reducing nitrogen oxide emissions....
April 25, 2013

On Earth Day, Consider Becoming a Green REsource Council Designee

It’s Earth Day today and all this week, we are going to be covering sustainability topics. What better way to kick off the celebration than by participating in NAR’s Green REsource Council? As CRT looks to the future, we...
April 22, 2013