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Trinity: A Portable Wind Turbine for Charging on the Go

You’ve been there. No battery and you need to make a call. Could be a call about a closing or a new offer. Unfortunately, you have 1% battery life. There are options on the market that can help you...
April 22, 2014

America’s Greenest Street is in Chicago

I live in a beautifully cluttered and noisy place: Chicago. Being from Iowa, it took a bit to adapt. The skyscrapers in Iowa were silos and our busy streets were 2 lanes, one in each direction. I loved the...
February 28, 2014

On Earth Day, Consider Becoming a Green REsource Council Designee

It’s Earth Day today and all this week, we are going to be covering sustainability topics. What better way to kick off the celebration than by participating in NAR’s Green REsource Council? As CRT looks to the future, we...
April 22, 2013